samedi 23 mai 2015

Ébola: Le bilan de la semaine du 17 Mai était à la hausse, il y a eu 35 nouveaux cas. Le bilan mondial est de 11,135 morts et 26,969 cas d' infections

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports 35 newly confirmed cases for the week to 17 May, which is a large increase on the 9 cases reported during the week before. There were 27 cases in Guinea and 8 cases in Sierra Leone. Transmission has also spread, with three prefectures in Guinea and three districts in Sierra Leone now with confirmed cases. Extra resources have been sent to the Guinean prefecture of Boke, which lies on the border with Guinea-Bissau, to prevent spread over the border. Further strengthening of surveillance, case investigation and community engagement are required in these “hotspot” areas to end these chains of transmission. Investigations are being conducted into how two healthcare workers, one Italian and one Sierra Leonean, became infected after working at the same treatment centre near Freetown. Globally, a total of 26,969 confirmed, probable and suspected cases and 11,135 total deaths have been reported, including 869 confirmed infections of health care workers. Siebc